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Poppet: The Prettiest Pastel Pink - Our pick for Colour of the Week.

Poppet from Frenchic Paint - Available now at Vivian May Interiors & Lifestyle

Welcome to another edition of our Colour of the Week blog series! This week, we're excited to introduce you to a shade that encapsulates the essence of gentle beauty – Poppet by Frenchic Paint. If you're on the lookout for the perfect pastel pink hue that strikes a harmonious balance between sweetness and sophistication, you've found it right here.

Join us as we delve into the world of Poppet, a limited edition gem from the Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range, and discover how this lovely pastel-pink can transform your home and garden projects.

Vivian May Interiors & Lifestyle are proud to be an official stockist of Frenchic Paint

Poppet: A Sweet and True Pastel Pink:

When it comes to adding a touch of prettiness to any project, Poppet has you covered. This pastel pink hue is perfectly balanced, offering a gentle, sweet, and true shade that exudes elegance. It's the kind of pink that effortlessly captures the hearts of those who appreciate the subtlety of pastels while making a statement all its own. Poppet serves as a versatile neutral, yet it possesses the vibrancy to stand alone as a striking statement hue.

Limited Edition Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range:

Poppet takes centre stage in Frenchic Paint's Limited Edition Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range. This means you can bring the soft scoop serving of this sweet pink to elevate not only your indoor spaces but also your outdoor haven. Whether you're looking to refresh your home's interior or add a touch of sophistication to your garden furniture and decor, Poppet is your go-to colour.

What makes Poppet truly remarkable is not just its captivating colour but also its impressive qualities:

  • Water-Based: Poppet is water-based, making it environmentally friendly and easy to clean up.

  • Weatherproof: This paint is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring its suitability for both interior and exterior use.

  • Low VOC Content: With minimal VOC content and virtually no odour , Poppet promotes a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

  • Self-Priming: Poppet doesn't require a primer or undercoat, saving you time and effort.

  • Flat Finish: Its flat finish offers an almost no-sheen appearance, creating a soothing aesthetic.

  • Self-Sealing: Poppet doesn't necessitate a top coat for durability; it's self-sealing.

  • Self-Levelling: Achieve a professional finish with little to no brush marks, thanks to its self-levelling properties.

Poppet from Frenchic Paint - Available now at Vivian May Interiors & Lifestyle

Poppet's Versatile Applications:

The beauty of Poppet lies in its versatility. It can serve as the perfect backdrop for a wide range of design styles and themes. Whether you're aiming for a shabby chic look, a touch of vintage elegance, or a modern and minimalistic approach, Poppet complements and enhances your vision. It pairs beautifully with whites, greys, and neutrals, allowing you to create a harmonious and soothing ambiance. Alternatively, you can let Poppet shine as the star of the show, bringing its sweet charm to the forefront.

Poppet is more than just a colour; it's a testament to the beauty of subtlety and sophistication. Whether you're adorning your indoor spaces with its gentle elegance or refreshing your outdoor haven with its sweet presence, Poppet promises to delight and uplift.

Discover the magic of Poppet from Frenchic Paint's Limited Edition Al Fresco Inside/Outside Range at Vivian May Interiors & Lifestyle available in store & online. Let this lovely pastel-pink become the canvas for your creative projects, adding a touch of prettiness and sophistication that's both gentle and true.


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