No. 6  Grapefruit Fields

Scent No.6 Grapefruit Fields from Eternel has a beautiful scent of Sweet Citrus, Freshness & Grapefruit.


Let yourself be seduced by this wonderful scent everyday no matter what products you choose from this collection.


Eternel's scents are made up of singular notes: top, middle & base notes. Together they create a beautiful aromatic symphony.

Top notes are the first impression of a scent, then the middle notes will take effect as the top note fades and lastly the base notes will commence and keep lingering.


Scent No.6 - Grapefruit Fields

Top notes: Light & Sweet Citrus

Middle notes: Lemon

Base notes: Grapefruit

Scent No.6 Grapefruit Fields has a vibrant and fresh aroma that will make you reminisce of a beautiful summer morning in Florida. Try the exfoliating salt body scrub, with an exclusive scent of citrus and grapefruit. Scrub the entire body 1-2 times a week, when in the bath, and enjoy the soothing and softening effect. Chamomile extract and jojoba oil leave the skin cleansed and silky soft, or try the universal cleaner, which will make your home radiate and smell fresh of citrus and grapefruit. Can be used daily, all year round.