No. 5  Lavender Bloom

Scent No.5 Lavender Bloom from Eternel has a lovely scent of Flowers, Herbs & Lavender.


Let yourself be seduced by this wonderful scent everyday no matter what products you choose from this collection.


Eternel's scents are made up of singular notes: top, middle & base notes. Together they create a beautiful aromatic symphony.

Top notes are the first impression of a scent, then the middle notes will take effect as the top note fades and lastly the base notes will commence and keep lingering.


Scent No.5 - Lavender Bloom

Top notes: A Soft Floral Scent

Middle notes: Herbs

Base notes: Purple Lavender

Scent No.5 Lavender Bloom brings to mind fragrant fields full of flowers, herbs & lavender, such a beautiful and soothing scent.

This collection includes items such as a very effective dish soap that leaves your dishes sparkling clean while you enjoy the soothing scents.