No. 4  White Tea

Scent No.4 White Tea from Eternel is a classic scent that always delivers. White Tea has the most beautiful scent of Lemon, Mandarin, Cloves & Cedar.


Let yourself be seduced by this wonderful scent everyday no matter what products you choose from this collection.


Eternel's scents are made up of singular notes: top, middle & base notes. Together they create a beautiful aromatic symphony.

Top notes are the first impression of a scent, then the middle notes will take effect as the top note fades and lastly the base notes will commence and keep lingering.


Scent No.4 - White Tea

Top notes: Lemon, Mandarin & Grapefruit

Middle notes: Rose, Carnation & Nashi Pear

Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar & Cashmere Musk

Scent No.4 White Tea is a classic scent that always delivers with the most beautiful aroma of lemon, mandarin, cloves & cedar. This collection includes an amazing hand cream that will nourish and soften your hands and also comes in a beautifully designed tube that is easy to carry on the go.

Try the gentle exfoliating face scrub which contains almond oils that will leave the skin silky soft and nurtured. Apply a thin layer on your face and enjoy the cleansing and caring effect.