Eternel Face Care

Nourishing face care products filled with hydrating and softening active ingredients and natural oils. Eternel is everyday luxury, designed to pamper you with nourishing active ingredients and beautiful design.


Eternel's fabulous face care range includes products such as face creams, cleansing gels, masks, face scrubs and lip oils. All of these products are filled with moisturising and softening active ingredients as well as natural oils for a wonderful natural feeling and look.

What Eternel have to say about their face care range

"We have carefully chosen the exact ingredients and scents that we ourselves love, and have built our Éternel facial care based on them. At the same time, the beauty of the design has also been important to us, and it is intended as a part of the home decor – so you are able to leave them out, give them away to someone you care about or bring them with you on the go. Try it out and find your favourite products from Éternel."