Eternel Home

Surround yourself with beautiful and aesthetic things that bring you joy everyday.

Eternel is everyday luxury, designed to pamper you with nourishing active ingredients and beautiful design.


Éternel's Home range is full of beautiful products that give you a sense of luxury in everyday life. Among other things, you will find lovely scented candles in beautifully designed glass jars with lids, dish soap in beautiful bottles with a pump - designed so you feel like flaunting them. You will find several different scents, so you can choose exactly the scent that matches you the best. Also, Eternel have created an amazing universal cleaner that is the icing on the cake and will make your home smell clean, fresh and beautiful.


What Eternel have to say about the Home Range.

Our wish with Éternel Home is that you are able to surround yourself with aesthetically beautiful things, and that you can use these things every day without having to hide them away.